Turning 2.6K Into 25K With a 11X ROAS For A Foreign Ecom Business

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I want to break down step-by-step how we set up our campaigns for success when working with eCom brands. Our methods are simple with a focus on scaling without our ROAS suffering. I want to break down a highly tested ad funnel strategy my team and I have developed that allows eCom brands to scale past 10k per month.

Without wasting any more time here, Let’s dive straight in.

TOF ➢ Social Proof Hack That 5x Our Return

MOF ➢ Step-by-Step Ad Strategy With Examples

BOF ➢ How To Get Conversions With Our Retargeting Setup For Max Performance

Social Proof Hack:

I want to show you two different scenarios.

You come across 2 similar videos with the same identical product. The only difference is, one video has over 200k views, over 5,000 likes, and 2,000 comments while the other video has barely 100 views.

The people on the platform are more likely to buy from the ad that has over 200k video views because they scroll through the comments and see nothing but happy customers with positive reviews.

Social proof is the only thing that matters. If a new prospect stumbles upon your ad and sees nothing but positive comments, the % of you getting another sale goes up to at least 90% from the initial 50%.

This is all common sense. Here is our formula to create enormous social proof:

Run 2 campaigns under the same FB ID ( 1 conversion campaign + 1 engagement campaign)

While CPMs are typically higher by just running a straight conversion campaign, we’ve seen a 30% drop in CPMs while getting an increase in conversions by using this 2-combo method setup.

We get thousands of views by engagement optimization making the ad campaign seem very important to the algorithm while at the same time, running a conversion campaign makes the algorithm showcase us as a “high-priority” ad to our potential prospects.

This is a secret… so don’t tell anyone else!

Step-by-Step Campaign Funnel Layout

We have begun to see a transition from FB where the algorithm has been optimizing more for copy and creatives. Consumers are getting smarter and smarter and low quality content with mediocre ad copy is not going to cut it anymore. We want our ad to not feel like we are desperate to get someone to buy our products. We must ease into the offer and get the consumer to trust us. Here is our formula for a deadly creative + ad copy combination:

Creative Variation:

Building social proof is crucial here and the best way we do that is by sharing compelling user-generated videos.

Here are the types of videos that work the best:

  • Unboxing reactions – builds an urge to buy the product
  • Before and After results – solves the pains of the market
  • Product in action – creates trust
  • Tutorial on how to use the product – educates the consumer here
  • Brand story – who doesn’t love to see a brand’s growth

The creatives must make sense in order to build that trust factor for our prospects. User-generated videos works the best here in my opinion.

Ad Copy Structure:

Invite the prospect into the ad by creating a polarizing headline that is true. We are not selling right away, we are getting the consumer to stop scrolling. For the body of the ad copy structure, I like to keep it short and sweet.

I make sure my copy answers these 4 questions:

  1. Is the ad copy speaking to someone specific?

If 5 people stop scrolling, I want at least 1 to feel like I’m speaking directly to them. This puts us in a position to reveal a product that will solve all of their pain.

2. What are we selling?

I like to use this space to educate the consumer on why this product is better than all the other competitors. This makes the consumer feel like they are missing out on something amazing.

3. Are we building urgency?

I like to share numbers that build social proof in the amount of interest other people have in our product. This has a domino affect to get the consumer more likely to purchase.

4. Does the copy speak to the pains of the market?

We must put ourselves in the position of holding a solution that will solve our consumer’s problem. We must build around this vision to get the consumer to be more likely to act on our offer.

Content continues to be king in the FB advertising game. What worked 2 years ago doesn’t work now. The FB algorithm favors content that combines human interaction, nature, and happiness all together. This is the type of content that keeps FB Users on its platform for long periods of time.

The question is “How do I make content that gets cold prospects to stop scrolling?”

Our specific image formula looks like this:

A compelling headline that may be out of the ordinary but is true. A solid unique headline gets cold prospects to stop scrolling while being hooked in to read more. The product should be angled in a way that shows a lot of detail (the more up close, the better). The image should be the main focus of the ad no matter if someone is holding it or not. This allows the prospect to wonder what exactly is the product. A lot of people forget how important the background is. The FB algorithm likes images that have human faces, sunlight, and nature in it because these settings create a positive emotion. Limit the amount of text you put on your ads. Less text is something the FB algorithm likes. This gives you a better chance of increasing your reach and getting more feedback.

Campaign Setup:


For success in the long-term we need to constantly find and target new audiences. When working with larger budgets, I suggest aiming for 8 winning audiences while you can certainly get away with less when operating with a lower ad budget (I’ve managed to find success in both situations)

Having at least 5 profitable creatives with 3 ad copy variations will put you in the best position for success.

Here is our exact campaign funnel layout:

1 Campaign

Adset 1 → Interest 1 → 5 dynamic creatives → 3 dynamic ad copies or headlines

Adset 2 → Interest 2 → 5 dynamic creatives → 3 dynamic ad copies or headlines

Adset 3 → Interest 3 → 5 dynamic creatives → 3 dynamic ad copies or headlines

Adset 4 → Interest or LAA → 5 dynamic creatives → 3 dynamic ad copies or headlines

Adset 5 → LAA → 5 dynamic creatives → 3 dynamic ad copies or headlines

Adset 6 → LAA → 5 dynamic creatives → 3 dynamic ad copies or headlines

The audiences are basic but can be interchangeable if you are looking to spice things up a bit. Unique LAA’s is a creative way to continue testing but the goal is ultimately to establish 8 winning audiences.

Why dynamic creatives/ad copies are important for the long-term game for your ecom bizz.

We all know the FB algorithm is constantly trying to find winning variations but with utilizing this TOF campaign strategy, we have 45 potential chances to have secure winners per adset.

This method will save you long-term when spending higher ad budgets.

Let the FB algorithm take control and do all the hard work, no need for any manual changes.


Following a similar process with this campaign setup at TOF. Our objective here is to find 3 winning audiences, 3 winning creatives, and 3 winning ad copy/headline variations.

Here’s a close example of what we ran for this beauty store specifically.

Adset 1 → Video Views 25% → 3 creatives → 3 ad copy/headline variations

Adset 2 → Video Views 50% → 3 creatives → 3 ad copy/headline variations

Adset 3 → Video Views 75% → 3 creatives → 3 ad copy/headline variations

Adset 4 → IG page/post engagement → 3 creatives → 3 ad copy/headline variations

Adset 5 → FB page/post engagement → 3 creatives → 3 ad copy/headline variations

No need to explain the “why” here, same objective as TOF.


At Bottom of Funnel, we’re retargeting all web viewers. We must turn people who didn’t purchase into lifelong customers.

Now that I gave you a complete funnel ad campaign breakdown, let’s go into creatives.

How to setup Creatives that win

We need to have creatives constantly running at each level of the funnel.


Because on average, it takes a customer to see a product 8 times before making a purchase. We need to build social proof and customer awareness of the brand. Simple information that almost any marketer knows yet doesn’t capitalize on.

Let me recap what I covered again

TOF content (cold traffic)

3 options here: 1. Branding 2. Direct response 3. Both

Personally, I suggest utilizing both but it depends on what you’re trying to achieve as an ecom owner.

Branding ads is great for telling a story and building an identity apart from your competitors while building a connection with your viewers.

When optimizing for branding ads, typically I like to focus on the pain and centering the product as the solution.

By doing this, you are building social proof and trust with your audience.

Direct response Ads

Outline all of the benefits and have a strong CTA… super simple and straight to the point

MOF content (warm traffic)

Building social proof is key while centering the product as the key to the audience’s pain

With our objective set like this, utilizing user-generated content.

Here is an outline of what a traditional MOF creative looks like

0:00 – 0:03 → centering the problem

0:03 – 0:10 → the solution to the problem

0:10 – 0:15 → showing benefit of the product

0:15 – 0:20 → Sharing how life changing the product was


BOF Content (hot traffic waiting to buy)

Easiest setup here, STRONG CTA + discount code

HOW TO SCALE PROPERLY (the biggest problem I see eCom owners struggle with)

Here is our exact scaling process

ABO Testing Campaign → ABO Scale Test campaign → CBO Scaling Campaign

Testing campaign setup is meant to test audiences, creatives, and ad copy

Once we have our winners, we move them forward into a scale test campaign

From here you have 2 options:

Up the budget by 20% every 48 hours

Carry winners to a scaling campaign at a higher budget

Our scaling campaign is generally CBO because we can scale campaigns more aggressively while increasing the budget by 20% every 24-48 hours.

This is all. All the best.

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