Remote Work

World’s Fully Remote Companies

LXR has implemented tools, systems, and best practices to form remote work not only possible, but also efficient. Other remote companies may do things differently, but we’ve found how to optimize our resources and skills without losing the standard of labor output.

Due to the direct effects of COVID-19, many of us are required to check out the remote work lifestyle for themselves. We believe that, like us, you would possibly realize that performing from house is much more productive, practical, and enjoyable than working during a traditional office environment. So, we’re here to pass along a number of our work-from-home knowledge as seasoned veterans of the remote workforce.

Why Did LXR Choose To Be Remote?

We believe that diversity may be a business’s greatest asset. Working with coworkers that come from all walks of life encourages people to challenge their way of thinking. And what better thanks to broaden our talent pool than by widening our look for passionate, hardworking individuals across the globe?

Several years ago, we made the switch to become a 100% remote team in order that our employees could create the work-life balance they deserve. together of the few truly remote companies out there today, our fully distributed team is in a position to line their own schedules to form time for family, travel, fitness goals, and anything they value in life.

Remote Work Benefits

Employers and employees alike can benefit from remote businesses.

For Companies

Competitive Edge

There is no reason for most individuals working desk jobs to be required to come into an office every day, especially with today’s technology. This is something that remote businesses are aware of. Offering employees the option of working from home part-time or full-time gives your company a competitive edge and enables those who want or need it the most flexibility.

For Team Members

No Dress Code

Companies all over the world are realising that not every employee needs to wear a suit to accomplish their work successfully, whether they have a traditional office or are completely scattered. Employees who work from home aren’t required to dress up unless they have a video call with a client. They can wear their jammies all day if they are most productive while in them!

Reduced Costs

According to a 2015 research conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, China’s largest travel agency, Ctrip, was able to save roughly $2,000 per employee on rented office space merely by using it more efficiently. The organization was able to implement cost-effective modifications that benefited both its employees and their budget by allowing more staff to work from home.

More Freedom

Employees with flexible work hours have the opportunity to choose their own schedules in order to be as effective as possible. This freedom is especially advantageous to our employees who have children, pets, or care for aged parents.

Increased Productivity

According to an Airtasker poll, remote workers spend less time talking to coworkers about non-work subjects and are more effective with the time they spend working than office workers. Remote workers find that they can operate more efficiently outside of the regular office setting since there are less distractions and interruptions.

No Commute

Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a sea of cars when you could be spending that time with family and friends. Working from home eliminates all of the inconvenience. There will be no more automobile horns or 5 p.m. traffic. Remote workers can make the most of their time and devote it to the things that matter most to them.

Remote Work Best Practices

Now that you’re aware of some of the wonderful advantages of working for a remote company, you might be asking how we’ve managed to succeed in our fully distributed environment. Don’t we all get distracted from time to time? How is it possible to be more productive while working from home? How can we ensure that initiatives stay on track?

The answer is yes, yes, and … hyper-communication.

We don’t credit our success to each individual’s immensely powerful self-discipline and “hustle” mindset. While it does take a certain level of willpower and drive to be a good remote worker, we make sure that our employees have the right systems and tools in place to find success.

Transparent Schedules

Employees at LXR are encouraged to use their calendars to discuss their daily routines. We need to make sure that everyone on the team publishes everything on their calendar, including personal events like exercises, dinners, and social time, because of the diverse time zones, work hours, and lifestyles. This allows a West Coast employee to check in on a teammate on the Los Angeles before calling during dinnertime or their evening routine.

Because different time zones necessitate a lot of mental math to figure out when everyone will be accessible, this method is also highly useful for arranging meetings and calls. We can easily choose the team members who need to join a call using tools like Google Calendar and locate a time that works for everyone.


Just because we’re a completely remote organization doesn’t mean we’re completely cut off from one another. We wouldn’t be able to work as efficiently and effectively as we do today if it weren’t for hyper-communication.

Simple habits, such as double-checking tasks, action items, and client interactions, can make or break your remote team’s efficiency.

Systems That Work

It’s also critical for distributed teams to implement tools that streamline operations if they want to succeed in a remote work environment. Agile scrum is the system used by LXR.

Agile Scrum Is Everywhere

Scrum isn’t a concept exclusive to LXR or even the marketing industry. Scrum is being adopted by many businesses in order to do more in less time. The regimented nature of scrum allows us to give value to our clients at a faster rate as a digital marketing business.

We evolve each week — or “sprint” — at LXR, so we’re always getting better at managing our time and resources. We operate in a scrum atmosphere that supports each team member in doing their job well, thus being a remote team has no bearing on our ability to generate fantastic outcomes every time.