Inbound Marketing Services

Our mission is straightforward: to develop and execute integrated campaigns that generate leads and foster loyalty.

While refining your marketing funnel, we’ll create excellent content that ranks, develop your lead list, push those leads through lead-nurturing sequences, and help you convert those leads into buyers.

Why LXR’s Inbound Marketing Solution?

In your Inbound Marketing Services Program, we use social media, advertising, website content management, email marketing, marketing automation, reporting, and analytics (BA).

We constantly evaluate what is working in order to optimize your strategy and get more bang for your buck.

Every encounter your ideal buyer has with your digital presence—whether it’s through your website, social media accounts, or emails—is designed to be as effective as possible.

Say goodbye to erratic and uneven marketing, as well as a lack of return on investment.

Inbound Marketing Curriculum Core Features

Our inbound marketing curriculum is for companies who are serious about developing through digital marketing, with a strong emphasis on paid and organic search, conversion funnels —specifically, using Melvai CRM for marketing automation.

Management and Meetings (Included!):

You won’t be charged for every email, phone call, or meeting you make. Meetings with clients and communications with them are completely free!

Account Manager:

You can count on your dedicated expert, a hybrid professional with a unique combination of web, branding, search, social, content, and company growth capabilities and expertise.

Complete Activity Transparency:

Access agency operations, task lists, campaign milestones, files, and messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The platform is extremely user-friendly and transparent.

Monthly Performance Review:

Monthly meetings with detailed information on all activities, results, and recommended action plans can help you adapt your strategy.

Ongoing Ads Management:

Our ad specialists don’t just set it and forget it; we continually monitor and optimize advertisements on a regular basis to ensure that your ad dollars are working for you.

Work Within an Agile Framework:

LXR is twice as quick, has more reliable results, and provides our nimble agency—and our clients—a competitive advantage in their digital marketing campaigns.

From day 1 of your program you have a dedicated team that represents a variety of skill sets that are dedicated to getting you results.

I know Bhavya for last 3 years now…He is energetic , enthusiastic and passionate about Digital Marketing world! He always have a fresh idea in field of Digital Marketing which helps us in growing our leads , visibility and sales. I am thankful for his consultation and service on time time. Many a times he has given us a extended support which is like “Cherry on the Cake” . In nutshell he knows what he is doing ! All the Best Bhavya for your career.

P/L Head | Edtech & Training | Digital Marketing Strategist | Franchise Management | Ex TCS | Ex | Ex NIIT

We Help You Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problems

We save you the time it takes to learn how to build and optimize your paid search, inbound marketing, and social ads yourself. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, schedule a free diagnostic with one of our specialists. We’re here to help. We’ve helped make CMO’s, VP’s and Directors of Marketing and CEOs’s seeking to optimize growth look good.

Our Inbound Marketing Process Highlights

Digital Marketing Strategy – Foundation for Inbound Success

We’ll have eight strategy sessions to talk about your buyer personas, website funnels, KPIs, sales process, content plan, and strategy process during the strategy phase. After the strategy phase, you’ll have a digital marketing strategic framework with all of the sections you’ll need to operate an efficient inbound marketing campaign.


Create Buyer Personas


Documenting the Buyer’s Journey


Document Current Sales Process


Funnel Stage Definitions


Content Gap Analysis


Goals, OKRs, and KPIs


Competitor Analysis


Keyword Research and Analysis


Content Production Calendar

Ongoing Inbound Marketing Strategy

For an LXR partner, attract is focused on generating informative content for your target buyer group that draws them to your website, where they may independently discover more about the benefits of what you sell. You want to attract those who could turn into quality leads. Create content that is valuable and easy to access for your target buyer based on their buyer persona.

Continue to engage, delight, and upsell your current client base into enthusiastic promoters of your organization by using context and personalisation to offer personalised communications. Analyze the results of your marketing activities to see which areas require further tweaking or customisation for future success. Determine which marketing activities are yielding the best results and whether your sales force is concentrating on the best prospects.

The following is included in your Inbound Marketing Program:

Content Creation for Ads
Email Marketing
Workflows and Automated Nurturing
Website Management & Optimization
Marketing & Sales Dashboard Reporting
Optional CRM Integrations
Ad Management

Monthly Success Call:
Consulting, Planning, & Reporting

We’ll provide continuing strategy and monthly progress reports so you can be assured that things are on track. This advice will be delivered via a monthly 60-minute phone call/web meeting. We’ll also spend time outside of these meetings helping you examine your current outcomes and strategize for the future steps.

We’ll go through marketing performance, optimizations, strategy, recommendations, LXR activity evaluation, and future initiatives in this monthly meeting.

Bhavya is a very dedicated marketer. His attention to detail and desire to continuously improve his clients’ results make him stand out from most agency owners. He is an excellent marketer with in-depth knowledge in Digital Ads, but most importantly cares about his clients and it shows both in his client relationship and results.

Emmanuelle Daigle
Luxury e-commerce | high ticket coaching marketing strategist

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