Every ecommerce brand needs this crucial 3 step process to reach their customers inbox and maximize the revenue coming from their email list

Did you know that you can create the best emails in the world but if they land on the spam folder it will be a waste of time. You want to make sure that they see your beautiful emails and of course make sales out of it. I get it.

Deliverability practices seem boring, but in my honest opinion. It’s the MOST IMPORTANT component of a successful email marketing strategy.


Since all your competitors are blasting their list and landing in the spam folder. If you reach that main inbox folder you will make bank without any competition. and make your customers love you even more.

Sounds great right?

But before I get to this simple 3 step process, I want to let you know one thing…

This is not an overnight trick that will improve your deliverability tomorrow. This is a process that will pay huge benefits in the long term of your brand success. I can assure you if you take action on this step in the course of 50 days you will see amazing results
Alright, after getting that out of the way, let’s get to the main thing:

The 3 Step Process to Reach the Dream Customer Inbox Folder

  1. The key word to the treasure is ENGAGEMENT
    You want your subscribers to engage with your emails and your brand. That’s why the first step is to create an engaged segment from your list. You don’t want to be blasting everyone, this is the easiest way to destroy your sender reputation.
    So, create a 30 Day Engaged Customer segment
    Yeah, it might have less subscribers than you thought. But they will be your favourite subscribers. They are the ones that love your brand and everything it stands for. They will also be the ones that will help you reach the customer inbox of the rest of your subscribers. How? They will create a positive feedback for your sender reputation and, will tell email systems that your emails aren’t spam and people actually want to see them
  2. Now moving on to step #2
    Making “list cleaning” a habit. You will want to suppress every subscriber that doesn’t engage with your emails or even worse, marks your emails as spam. Remember that we want ENGAGEMENT so, Quality > Quantity every day! We don’t want people that don’t like us in our list. This is another reason of why blasting everyone in your list is the worst practice. Because when these unengaged subscribers see your emails, they hate it so, it’s better to remove them and clean your list at least once every month.
    You will see an increase on your open rates and click rates aka engagement by applying these 2 steps but this last step is the most important.
    Content is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to reaching your customers inbox. This will be a key factor to make your customers engage with your emails. So, you need to see which type of content best suits your brand audience.
    Is it well designed emails or plain text?
    Which subject lines cause the best open rates?
    What type of social proof should I use in each email scenario?
    These are some of the components you need to take into consideration. By doing this you will make your engagement go to the roof!

That’s it for the 3 Step Process!
Give it a try and see how this will improve your overall email strategy.

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