Attract Better Customers with Premium Product Ads

How to charge more, raise retention, and pull in customers that LOVE your product.

Let’s be straight… crappy creative attracts crappy customers.

Returns, complaints, bad reviews, penny-pinchers.

As an e-comm store owner, you’ve got enough on your plate to deal with 100+ Karen’s flooding your inbox with ridiculous complaints.

If you deeply care about your customers and you truly care about your product SHOW it in your creative.

Premium lets you charge more while avoiding customers from hell.

So here are the 4-steps we follow to make Premium Creative.

1.) Make your product the STAR

  • This means a simple backdrop (stick to one color).
  • Think APPLE.
  • White / Black go a long way.
  • Use soft light (grab a softbox off amazon) or a china ball lamp is a simple DIY way to get soft beautiful light.

If you don’t have any lights. Get close to a window and use window light!

You can get affordable backdrops on amazon. Or you can use a sheet / tshirt if you’re in a pinch.

2.) Shoot close and the secret sauce… ROTATE

  • Use close up macro shots.
  • Make your customer feel like they could reach out and touch it.
  • Rotating adds an element of LIFE.

You can build a rotating stand, or buy a cheap one-off amazon. This allows you to get that smooth rotation, and let’s you show your product from ALL angles.

3.) Enhance the Details

You want to enhance the product details as MUCH as you can.

If you have a drink, use a spray bottle and spray some water droplets on it.

Show the IDEAL version of your product.

Does your product contain fruit? Then surround the product with fruit. Or take out your iPhone, film in slow motion and drop fruit on your product.

4.) Use titles to highlight the CORE benefits.

This is a place to test offers and hooks to pull the client in.

Once you have a Premium Video Ad, you can repurpose it into 12 different Ads with your titles. You can test discounts, benefits, pains, and a variety of hooks.

The visuals stop the potential customers, and our text gets them to CLICK!

Premium creative takes more than money. I’ve seen brands spend 6-figures on ads that are TRASH.

A bad chef with quality ingredients doesn’t give you a good dish.

Premium creative is made with time, attention to detail, and caring about your client.

If you care about your product and customers, show it in your advertising.

You can measure how much you care with TIME & MONEY…

So how much time do you spend on an ad creative (copy / images / video)?

10-min? 2-hours? 1-week?

PS – another nugget: If your visuals are solid, you can easily switch out TEXT to test offers.

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