About Us

We Are LXR.

We are makers, gamers, crafters, creators and engineers—inspired by transforming clients’ businesses through experience design. Our teams brainstorm, apply research, and inspire. We design, blueprint, build and implement. At the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to design better customer experiences. It fuels our creativity. It’s how we solve business problems. It’s the reason we love rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work—and it’s why we’re so successful. Our roots are digital, our passion is contagious and our people are simply the best. Sound like fun? Join the family.

We work together. We solve your challenges together. We all win together.

Result Oriented

We work to increase your bottom line by developing and executing high-quality integrated marketing and communication strategies that deliver leads faster than anyone else.

Creative Thinkers

We use the latest trends in design, technology and communication to create beautiful and effective marketing campaigns. We help you visualize the concept and execute it right.

Amazing Ideas

We pride ourselves on being a youthful team that works together in an environment where creativity thrives and market-shifting ideas are born daily.

Excellence Everyday.

Excellence is at the core of everything we do. Every design, every detail, every decision are all purposefully crafted to strengthen our clients’ brands. We employ some of the industry’s youngest and brilliant strategists, developers, designers, copywriters and account managers, and as a team, we’re in to innovation and consistently exceeding expectations.

Our Values


Be Brilliant. Build the best. Work the best. Become your best. Be Brilliant at what you do.


Be dedicated to delight. Go to lengths others would consider extreme. If it’s better for customers, it’s not over engineered.


Be relentlessly resourceful. Determined but flexible. Persistent yet open-minded.


Move with speed. Make rapid decisions. While others deliberate, you tackle the next challenge.


Take calculated risks. Play to win. Rules are for those who need them; you do things your own way.


It’s not enough to “do no evil”. Be driven to do good. Make a positive impact on the world.