4 Reasons Why You Should Do Digital Marketing For Your Company

For some business owners, the word ‘digital’ often conjures up images of hooded computer geeks, thrashing away complex codes on their keyboards. For others, the digital preserve seems so out of reach, understood only by huge multinationals like Google and Microsoft. What such people fail to realize is how powerful yet accessible digital tools are in helping them take their marketing strategies to the next level. Here are reasons why you should do digital marketing for your company. But first, definitions:

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is simply marketing using electronic devices. The common assumption that this type of marketing only covers online marketing is untrue. Digital marketing also encompasses offline channels such as electronic billboards and TV and radio advertising. We will, however, emphasize online marketing for reasons that will be shared shortly.

So here’s why digital marketing is the way forward for you (if you’re not in it already):

1. More and more people are getting online

The next time you ride on a bus with people, or any other form of transport, look around. Chances are that your fellow passengers will be busy scrolling on their mobile devices. The first thing people do when they settle down is to check their notifications. Whether it’s for work or leisure, the online presence seems to be an irresistible force that sucks people right in. Your company can, and should, take full advantage of this phenomenon.

Not convinced? Well here are some mind-blowing stats. Reports from ‘Hootsuite’ and ‘We Are Social’ indicate that the annual number of internet users increased by more than 20% in Africa alone. This contributed to the 4 billion worldwide figure registered in 2018, an indication that more than half of the global population are active internet users.

For successful marketing to occur, the firm must communicate its offerings to the customer. For this to happen, the potential client should actually be reached through a communication medium. What better channel to use than that which registers a total user engagement more than half the total global population?

2. Online digital marketing allows you to connect more directly to your target demographic

This is another important reason why you should do digital marketing. The odds of getting sales through advertising using traditional media are often relatively low. To thus increase chances of sales conversions, companies increase visibility by placing ads on TV during prime time or printing hundreds or thousands of pamphlets just to get that one customer out of a hundred engaged to buy. At times, the effort expended in the campaign far exceeds the net gain that is a result of the work put in.

Online marketing makes it way easier for you. Through this medium, your company can target an audience, reach out to and connect with them and send them highly personalized messages to increase conversion. Social media is a great place to find and connect with your audience. Research can reveal when and where your audience is most active. Additionally, you can craft your campaign messages in a way that appeals to your demographic of interest. Additional tools such as Facebook groups allow your company to find or create a community where interests relevant to the potential client are voiced. Through such engagements, you can get to learn what posts interest your target audience, how they communicate and their needs and pain points.

3. Digital marketing allows smaller firms to outrank bigger ones

Traditional marketing involved setting aside millions for TV ads, billboards and endorsements. Small firms lack the financial muscle to carry out such elaborate campaigns. The internet has, however, created a more level playing field. This allows smaller players to get ahead through several strategic digital marketing campaigns.

SEO for example, allows your company website/blog to rank higher in the search engine results page. Higher rankings mean better visibility and more traffic to your site. This in turn means more opportunities to get customers for your business. Identify and incorporate keywords into the content you create. Combine such important keywords with valuable information that resonates with your audience. 

Another tool within the reach of smaller companies is that of online influencer marketing. This type of campaign involves forming a relationship with an influential personality on social media (typically one with many followers). Such individuals then help promote the company’s brand or products on their accounts. The rise of the micro-influencer (between 1,000 and 10,000 followers) has made it possible for even smaller firms to pursue this route.

4. Online marketing is measurable

Traditional marketing efforts were difficult to measure. It is hard, nay, well-nigh impossible for a firm with an ad on the newspaper to track how many people have seen and reacted to it. With online marketing, however, measurability is not only made easier, but simpler. Through the use of analytics software, you can keep track of activities on your website, including the traffic volume and the amount of time your potential clients spend on your site, which is an indicator of the satisfaction they derive from going through your content. You can, therefore, discern what websites are the biggest revenue generators for the company and those that need a bit more tweaking.

Another key measuring ability that you can access through online marketing is the capacity to trace the customer’s purchase pattern from the moment of first online engagement with your brand. This process is known as attribution modelling. The firm can use such information to determine how to make better and more informed decisions.

The most attractive reason for engaging in online digital marketing is its adaptability. Online marketing is applicable for any business, irrespective of size, industry or location. With an ever-present online community, the opportunities are endless. if these are not enough reasons why you should do digital marketing, then I don’t know what are.

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